Saturday, April 2, 2011


The six of us crammed into the pick-up and headed for the woods to cut our own Christmas tree. After an hours drive, we came to a promising area. There was fresh snow glistening on the trees, and the temperature was a delightful 25 degrees. It’s not easy finding a perfect tree in nature, though. Tromping through knee-deep snow, it took us a long time to find just the right one. It was big, and the trunk was large, and it was a long way from the truck. We were exhausted by the time we loaded it.

By now the sun had melted the top layer of ice on the road, making it unbelievably slick, and as we drove around a corner, we slid into a snow bank. There was only one shovel, so Mike did the digging. It took him about an hour to free us, and then we were on our way. But then we came upon another stuck pick-up. Playing the Good Samaritan took another hour, but we eventually reached the freeway and the last stretch home. It was now late afternoon and we were all tired, but thoroughly satisfied with our choice.

As we got up to freeway speed, the wind currents gently lifted the tree right up and out of the truck and deposited it right in front of a fast-moving semi-truck, promptly turning it to mush.

We drove on into town, pulled into the first Christmas tree lot, and bought a tree. And we never again went to the woods to cut our tree!

Here's a picture of our family.