Wednesday, October 19, 2011


    I wish I could say this was an unusual day, but it wasn’t.  We seemed to have many days like this on the farm.  The actual incidents varied, but the general slant was the same.
    Mike was out of town, and not expected back until late that evening.  First thing in the morning I let the dog out.  When he didn’t come back after  1-1/2 hours, and the temperature was 23 degrees, I took off looking for him in the truck.  After 30 minutes, I found him, down by the creek with a mouth full of porcupine quills.  I spent the next 1-½ hours removing them.  Returning from taking Andy to school, I discovered a broken water pipe, so I had to turn the water off to the house for the day.  I went for a walk.  My foot slipped by the stream.  Foot, shoe, sock soaked.  Time for Andy to come home and do his chores.  He tried to take a short-cut through a muddy field covered with snow and got the pick-up stuck.  I had to walk back to the field to get to it.  I got it out by backing over chains.  The three-wheeler had a flat  so Andy took it to the shop to fill it with air.  The starter rope broke.  Mike got home after dark,  too late to work on the water.  Well, it got down to 13 degrees that night and the next morning Mike discovered I had left the pump house door open when I shut off the water.  Now the valve was frozen.  He got it thawed out, but then the water pump wouldn't work.  He had to replace the capacitors.  Then he fixed the leak.  (Took about 6 hours working on the pump, 10 minutes to cap off the leak!)
Meanwhile, the engine is having to be rebuilt in Kris’ car; the battery bounced out of it’s holder in the pick-up and burned a hole in the header, plus burned one of the lines; the 3-wheeler keeps cutting it's starter rope, so that part has to be replaced; the fuel pump went out again on Chuck’s car; Chuck had a ground wire corrode, so we had to keep jumping it until the cause was found; his car quit on the way to school today, and I think it was the alternator belt; the cat had water in the fuel line so that froze up; the driveway is so slick we can’t take the car anywhere because we couldn’t get it back up to the house to plug it in (a disadvantage of a 1978 Oldsmobile diesel); plus it is now snowing and blowing, and we don't dare leave the house because we will be snowed in in less than an hour. The bummer is that I had to cancel  a dinner engagement with a family who had the meal all cooked and ready for us.  Bah!  Humbug!

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