Wednesday, April 4, 2012


            We had new front and back doors installed , and you could actually lock them.  We had never had locks on the house, so this was a big deal. That first night everyone was gone for the week-end except me, and it felt good to be safely ensconced in my solid-built house.  I awoke the next morning to a fresh layer of snow on the ground, and I went outside in my nightclothes to burn trash.  (We can still do that here in the country.)  What I didn’t know was that opening the door didn’t automatically unlock it, and once I closed it behind me, I was locked out.  I had no cell phone, the nearest neighbor was ½ mile away, and I had just socks on my feet.  

            All the windows were shut tight for the winter, leaving only two ways to get in.  The first was through the doggy door, and I tried crawling through the 1’ by 2’ enclosure that led to the door.  No dice.  It just wasn’t big enough, and I was afraid I’d get stuck.  The other choice was the crawl space under the house where I would attempt to find the board that lifted up into the floor of a closet.  I wrestled with the heavy crawl space cover and propped it against the house.  The crawl space itself was only 2’ to 3’ high and it was totally black as a panther on a moonless night.  I started out boldly, but became disoriented several times, and had to crawl back to the entrance and start over.  I had to feel between the floor joists, hoping to find this loose board, and not think about spiders.  Finally, after much prayer, God reminded me that the built-in vacuum pipes were close to the board I was looking for, so I felt around until I found them.  And there beside them was the board. 

         Now I could just push up the board and be in the house.  But in that 3’ space were pipes for the furnace as well as for the vacuum, and I had to lay on top of them to lift on the board with my back.  It was so heavy!  Then I remembered that there was a card table and four chairs stored right on this board in the closet.  So I kicked into Superwoman mode , and using all the strength I could muster, I moved the board about ½”, and then an inch, and more, until I was able to climb up into the closet.   How good it was to be back in the house, curled up by the wood stove,  absorbing its heat while I thanked God for caring for me.

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